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 Saturday, 18 February 2012

Alright! I admit it! I am an ’80s child! There are certain aspects of the 1980s which just slam me with a wave of nostalgia. This weekend has been one such time and I began to think about a couple of ’80s films that I absolutely loved (even though I haven’t seen either in years, I imagine I still do love them). All the thinking did was send me on an internet jaunt to track down these films!

First stop? My Netflix account. Neither title was available! 😦 Second stop? To browse Amazon of course. Both titles could be purchased for anywhere between $9 and $119!!! Then, I had an epiphany! I went to to track down sites that might offer free streaming of either film. has bits and pieces of one, while has the other. And you’re still wondering what these two favs of mine could be…. Here they are.

In Gleaming the Cube (also known as A Brother’s Justice), Christian Slater plays a skateboarder with a chip on his shoulder. He resents his parents and even his adopted brother. Then, his brother gets murdered and he goes on a vigilante quest to bring down the guys who did it and to finish what his brother had begun. I absolutely loved this movie! Now, it might be that I loved this film so much because it was set in California and I was missing Cali pretty badly after having lived in Missouri for a year when I first saw it… or it really is as good as I remember it being. I give this movie five out of five stars! 😀

The Legend of Billie Jean came out in 1985, four years before Gleaming the Cube. We still lived in California when I saw it and I remember it being so popular that girls (both in the movie and real life) began cutting their hair like Helen Slater did in her role as Billie Jean. It has been so long since I’ve seen this movie that I don’t even have a clear recollection of the plot. I know she’s running from the law but I can’t remember exactly why. This movie is one of the reasons I love Pat Benatar’s music so much too, I think. At least, I’ve always connected the two because “Invincible” is the theme song for this film.

If you have never heard of or seen these movies, I highly recommend watching them at least once! 😀


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