I’m back…. I hope

When I finally got back on the internet and started working on my next blog I got blue screened on my computer. 😦 But I FINALLY have my computer back and it seems to be in working order. I am hoping to get back into the swing of posting again in the near future. My apologies.

Recently, though I’ve been unable to be online, I’ve been staying busy crocheting and creating my own crochet pattern. Plus, I’ve been writing some… working on some poems and scenes for a fiction story I have in the works. So, it hasn’t been all bad. 😀

See you next weekend with a craft or food story. Not sure which yet. Lol. Have a great week! 😀15Jun13- Vespers 4



I honestly didn’t think it would take me this long to get a post up! 😦 Since my last post, I have packed and moved. I’m in the middle of training at my new job, so I haven’t had time to get online to post pictures from my travels from Missouri to Colorado… BUT I should be able to do that this weekend while I’m on break. 😀

Please bear with me as I get into a rhythm with my new schedule, I promise to finish the Stress Eating Series I began months ago! 😀 Thanks!


I’ve been remiss in my postings last week and this week. Sorry about that! Between papers and projects for school, plus I’ve been sick the last week, it just hasn’t come together. 😦

In two weeks, I will be done with my homework and classes so it’ll be easier for me to get back to things on here.

Happy Thumbs Up Face

Still to come:

The final three installments of the Stress Eating Series

~ Physical vs. Emotional Hunger

~ Tricks for Reducing Hunger and Cravings

~ The Conclusion

And likely pics and whatnot as I drive to Colorado in early June. It’s bound to be beautiful!


Hang in there! I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, yet! LOL

Today’s Post

… has been postponed till next Thursday due to some unforeseen circumstances. 😦

Hang in there! The next post is about stress eating and sugar.

S2- Day14- In Estes- Scenery(A pic I took in Colorado summer 2011)

Oh the obstacles of life…

Apparently, I should not have made promises of renewed posting just yet. Between homework and illness, I just realized it is now the 30th! 😦 So instead of promising a weekly posting, I will simply say “I will post when I have the time and availability to do so.” Until I complete my final two semesters of college, that is the best I can promise. With any luck, I will again be back to a regular posting schedule before the holidays are upon us though. 🙂

* Another little notebook I got at Michael’s. 🙂