Just Peachey

Perhaps, it’s because of my last name that I like to play around with the word peach. Or maybe, it’s because other people like to play with it so much that I can appreciate the fun in it. Who knows?

I once had a co-worker who turned to me suddenly and she said with a totally straight face, “You’re really peaching me off!” Who knew it could be turned into a way to curse?!? 😉 At another job, a co-worker was known to refer to me as “Peachtastic” or to just shout my last name any time he saw me. Lol! Then of course, I have encountered people who just had to see my ID before they’d believe I told them my real last name. (Really!?!)

So with the last name Peachey, you’re either a walking target for jokes or you’re Amish. There are decidedly worse things in life! I’m just happy being the unique person I am because of the path my ancestors chose and the upbringing I received. 😀


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