About A Peach in Time…

Sunday, 1 July 2012

This blog actually began as an assignment for the Editing and Publishing class I had this past Spring, but I’ve decided to keep it going because traffic has both included people outside of my classmates and continued even after the course ended. At first, I thought I needed to find an overarching theme to stick with in my topics. Now? I plan to just write about whatever I feel inspired to share; whether it’s a movie or book review, a recipe I’ve made at home, health information, or anything. I’ll be writing about whatever tickles my fancy. Since inspiration comes in all forms from any number of directions, why box myself into a corner? Sure, that will make any given blog hit-or-miss with readers, just consider it a smorgasbord. There will be things you like and possibly things you don’t like, though I hope you won’t totally dislike. My intent is to post weekly, but it may end up being bi-weekly for a little while as I finish up some half-formed blogs.

Happy reading to you! Feel free to leave feedback in the form of likes and comments. Have a wonderful summer!


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