Pictures from my travels from Missouri to Colorado….

Whew! I didn’t think I’d ever get the time I needed to sit down and share pics from my travels. Job training is over and camp is in full swing with campers now. 😀 Now that I have a regular day off I think it’ll be a little easier to plan for my weekly posts.

I left Missouri on June 5 and took my time driving to Colorado. First, I drove through the lower part of Kansas on Hwy 166 (which turned out to be pretty scenic) as I made my way towards my uncle’s house in Oklahoma. I didn’t dig my camera out until the driving I did on the 7th, though (after leaving my uncle’s), so the pics are from various parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado.

7Jun13- Oklahoma Somewhere 7I liked this view as I was leaving Oklahoma. 😀

7Jun13- Dodge City, Kansas7Jun13- Dodge City, Kansas 6

I snapped these as I passed through Dodge City, Kansas. Figured I’d likely never be back by that way again, so I took a look around. One of the streets I drove down (I think it was Avenue B, or some such) was paved entirely in brick! Too bad I didn’t get a pic of that, but the street in the foreground of the second pic is brick too. 😀

7Jun13- Kansas Somewhere 4 7Jun13- Kansas Somewhere 5

I saw a ton of this cactus in bloom in Kansas and pulled over to take some closeup shots. 😀

7Jun13- Crazy Sky in KS 4

It may look like I was driving straight into this nastiness, but my route actually kept me on the outer edge of the storm. 😀

From Dodge City, KS, I went to Colorado Springs to see a friend. It was a LONG day of driving, but I saw a lot of nice things, not including the MANY construction areas I hit in Colorado. 😦 This construction zone went down to one lane for 4 miles and 45 mph!!! The wait was so long we all shut our vehicles off!

7Jun13- Colorado Somewhere 6

After arriving in Colorado Springs, I spent the next morning exploring the Garden of the Gods park before heading on to my destination. 😀

8Jun13- Garden of the Gods 1

8Jun13- Garden of the Gods 78Jun13- Garden of the Gods 118Jun13- Garden of the Gods 98Jun13- Garden of the Gods 158Jun13- Garden of the Gods 338Jun13- Garden of the Gods 13

The following are some of the pics I took after leaving Colorado Springs:

8Jun13- In Between CS and EP 48Jun13- In Between CS and EP 188Jun13- In Between CS and EP 20

8Jun13- In Between CS and EP 21

And as a final share, here are a few of my favorites from this last week:

16Jun13- Ranch Gathering 516Jun13- Ranch Gathering 12

15Jun13- Vespers 4


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