I digress again. Here’s a look at Ha Ha Tonka State Park….

Just last year I’d heard about the castle-like ruins up at Ha Ha Tonka State Park, here in Missouri, and decided to go see it with a couple of my friends and their children. These two ladies and myself have been friends for almost 25 years now. We had a great day exploring the park!

The following pictures are from the park:

 HaHaTonka State Park

 After stopping at the visitor center, we left armed with a map and direction on which trails are stroller friendly. 😀 Here are the pics we took:

HaHaTonka 4

And the views were breathtaking!

HaHaTonka 1

HaHaTonka 9

HaHaTonka 26

And the ruins were something else too:

HaHaTonka 14

HaHaTonka 16

HaHaTonka 18

HaHaTonka 23

There’s a story behind the property too. For a more in-depth look, click HERE.

HaHaTonka 6

And after this excitement, we decided to try one other trail but it turned out to be too challenging for the stroller and we had to turn back just after the going under the natural bridge. 😦

HaHaTonka 36

HaHaTonka 34



I did find this lovely little flower with its vines clinging to the rock-face beyond the natural bridge, though. 😀

HaHaTonka- Flower

And I would have loved to have climbed up this trail, but it didn’t look safe for the kids. Maybe one day! 🙂

HaHaTonka 40

Here’s a link to the Missouri Department of Conservation for information on this park. Well, that’s all for now. Get out doors when and where you can and experience nature!

Have a great summer!!! 😀


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