A Pleasant, if Accidental, Discovery…

On occasion, I randomly learn of an artist I’ve never heard of and instantly fall in love! Sometimes it happens while channel surfing, like several years ago. If I’m really stressing and dealing with insomnia as a result, I can be found in front of the TV all hours of the night. And so one night as it happened, I was flipping through the channels and landed on OPT (Ozarks Public Television) which was showing a OneRepublic concert. At the time, I’d only heard one of their songs on the radio and had no idea who they were. From that night on, I was hooked! Another time, I came across Missy Higgins. Again, a winner! “Where I Stood.” Need I say more?!?

Now, the newest artist to get hooks into me is J Rice. Absolutely LOVE this guy’s music! But I’m getting ahead of myself, I haven’t even provided a setup…

After logging in to my Facebook, I decided I wanted to listen to a video again that I’d posted several weeks ago by The Piano Guys.

After listening to the above video again, I thought I’d check out some more of their songs and found a cover they did of More Than Words by Extreme with J Rice. I fell in love with this guy’s vocals and decided to check out his page as well. He’s a pretty good-looking guy, which certainly doesn’t hurt. 😉 One of my first thoughts upon seeing J Rice in the youtube video on The Piano Guys page, “Whoa! Kind of young-David Arquette-esque looking! Me likes.” Aside from his pleasant looks, his sound is even better. He’s got this sensitive soul, R&B vibe going on and I can’t get enough!

I’ve listened to most of his original tracks and some of his covers; the verdict is in: This guy is FABULOUS! The way he layers his voice in his tracks is mesmerizing. He has such strong, smooth vocals that I don’t think I’ll ever tire of listening to him. Give him a listen for yourself…


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