A Truly Amazing Non-Stick Cookware!

The OrGREENiC Ceramic Frypan

A couple of weeks ago, while shopping at CVS, I found myself browsing an aisle which appeared to be the “Made for TV” aisle. Many of the gadgets and gismos seemed laughable and a waste of money, but one item caught my attention immediately. The sign read, “OrGREENiC Kitchenware Ceramic Green Non-Stick Fry Pan”. Talk about a mouthful! As I had been in the market for a new fry pan, free of non-stick coatings which can be easily scraped and flake off into my food, I didn’t even look at the price after I read the package. While it does cost $19.99 (+tax) to purchase, I have been fully satisfied with my investment.

Out of curiosity, one night I looked up the company’s official website and watched their promotional video. I learned some things about my new pan that the packaging didn’t disclose. 1. Being scratch resistant (or maybe scratch proof), apparently cooking rocks is no problem at all as they demonstrated swirling a handful of rocks without damaging the surface. 2. If you get angry and so desire, you can beat your old fry pan senseless with this pan since it’s made of sturdier stuff than the ordinary teflon-coated-aluminum-pan. Now all this is not to say, you should purposefully use metal utensils while cooking in this pan, just rest assured that if you happen to scratch it while checking on your broiling steak (as I did) it will be alright. But you can still beat your old pan senseless, if you like.

Though I love this product, I recommend purchasing it locally in one of the many stores stocking it or online. Amazon.com has it, but keep in mind buying it online yields a shipping charge. Why not buy directly from the company’s website? Mainly because they go about selling their product in a sneaky way which adds on hefty shipping charges as well as “processing” charges. Their buy-one-get-one-free deal is highway robbery because of the shipping and processing added to each item, you’d be better off buying two at regular price from the store. I base that assessment on a customer complaint in a blog review of the pan which stated it cost $51.96 for the “Buy1Get1Free” on orgreenic.com. Another problem I have with purchasing from their website is that the first screen available when trying to place an order (for either the single pan or the entire set) doesn’t give any of the pricing information, it only wants your personal information and credit card number. Personally, I never purchase products from sites which operate in this manner, no matter how fabulous the product may be! I’m not trying to scare you off, quite the contrary. This pan works wonders and is a must-have for every kitchen!

As of right now, I have fried and broiled food in this pan. Both turned out quite well. Up until buying this pan, I could never get my steaks to come out the way I enjoy them… medium-rare. Practically nothing sticks to this pan, even after broiling a steak. I simply let the pan cool down and wiped it out with a paper towel. Yes, a paper towel! No scrubbing needed. Also while cooking on the stove top, I couldn’t believe how easily the food slid around without sticking. Unfortunately, the video I made of my third time cooking breakfast in this pan cannot be uploaded. So the following video is a demo of the cookware I found on youtube.com.

So, if you find yourself in the market for a new non-stick frying pan, get an OrGREENiC pan. You won’t be sorry! Make sure to read all package instructions and to follow the care instructions to a tee as they are extremely important to the functioning of the pan.


2 thoughts on “A Truly Amazing Non-Stick Cookware!

  1. Is it painted? I don’t trust many non-stick materials because eventually it will rub off/come off during cooking. I got stainless steel for Christmas this year and I love it though it is not as easy to cook with.

    • It is not painted, it’s ceramic over an aluminum alloy core. I’m cautious about my cookware in the same way. I switched to stainless steel almost 12years ago for that same reason. Stainless steel takes a little getting used to cooking with, I’ve always felt like mine performed better on a gas stove than on an electric one. This pan doesn’t scrape off like other non-stick pans tend to do. I’ve gouged mine (accidentally, mind you) with a steak knife and it didn’t even ding it. Now, I’m just waiting to see what my brother and cousin do to it when they start cooking on it! If it can handle what they dish out, I’d say it completely passes muster! 😀

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